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AQWA, as the name suggests, is a cool & refreshing new artist with a heavenly voice that leaves the listener adrift in an auditory nirvana. For the last 3 years she has been creating her own brand of style, sound and fashion that fuses together into the complete audio-visual experience.

AQWA grew up and still lives at the foothills of a mid-north coast holiday hamlet and the serenity of her surrounds is evident in her soothing vocals and wholehearted lyrics.

Her coastal upbringing is unmistakable and at the tender age of 18 has already wooed crowds at International Surfing events like Surfest in Newcastle.

She has a distinct style that floats somewhere between the electronic sounds of and the earthy acoustic tonality of. Lorde  Eva Cassidy

Her debut EP, illustrates the potential of AQWA – synchronously placid and gracefully alluring. ‘Human’




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