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Kooyeh is a Reggae/Soul band from Melbourne. The band consists of a 4 piece rhythm section, lead by vocalists and chief songwriters Isaac Walker and Sam Morrison as well as a 3 piece horn section and 2 backing singers; a total of 9 members:
Isaac Walker (Main Vocal, Keyboards)
Sam Morrison (Main Vocal, Bass)
Louie Michael (Drums and percussion)
Papa Richie (Guitar)
Yannick Rossette (Backing Vocals)
Jace Excell (Backing Vocals)
Nathaniel Sametz (Trombone)
Jimmy Bowman (Trombone, Trumpet, Effects, Percussion)
Eugene Baker (Tenor Saxophone)
Kooyeh’s debut album ‘Soul Cleansing ‘consists of 13 songs. It was in the making for 2 years, and was entirely written, produced, mixed and mastered by the band. Kooyeh Explore a range of styles including, reggae, soul, hip hop dub and electronic. Kooyeh has an emphesis on strong songwriting, upbeat rhythms, catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. The album also has guests Marc Brown (Trombone), Natalie Tomlins (Backing Vocals) and Alejandro Abapo (Alto Saxophone)
The band is originally from Katoomba, ( Blue Mountains, NSW), where they grew up. In early 2011, when the core members had just finished highschool, the band formed and they began working on the album. The first rhythm tracks were laid down at The Shelter, a small rehearsal studio in Katoomba. The album was coming together very slowly for the rest of 2011. It wasn’t until April 2012, that the band got serious about making ‘Soul Cleansing’ happen. That month, the band moved down to Melbourne and found a house together in Kew, Melbourne. It was here that they built their own recording studio to finish the album. They used about 20 mattresses to line the walls and ceilings for soundproofing, and laid down about 5 layers of carpet to further prevent neighborhood complaints, to some avail.
Most of Kooyeh’s music is written by Isaac Walker (Keyboards, Vocals) and Sam Morrison (Bass, Vocals). However, many elements of the music came together in a whole band setting or by other specific members. Isaac and Sam have been writing and performing music together for many years. (They grew up next door to each other and have been in multiple bands together).
The album was mixed and produced by Louie Michael, Papa Richie, Isaac Walker, Jimmy Bowman and their manager Pixie Michael. It was mastered by Papa Richie and pressed at Implant Media in Brunswick.   Track by track info
1. Soul Cleansing: (Reggae, Soul, Hiphop) This song was inspired by a Jamaican rhythm called ‘None Shall Escape the Judgement’. The vocal melodies and lyrics were written by Sam Morrison (Bass), though Isaac Walker is the main singer for the song. The arrangement was put together by Isaac Walker and Sam Morrison. This song is about moving on after a break up to rediscover self-worth and happiness.

2. Waves: (Soul, Hiphop) This is one of our older songs. It was written and arranged by Isaac Walker, although the bassline at the beginning came from drummer Louie Michael. The lyrics are written about having a good time with friends and family and generally trying to live life with optimism and positivity.

3. Only one: (Roots Reggae, Dub) This the band’s oldest song. The music and lyrics were written by Sam Morrison, though the song was arranged with the help of Isaac Walker and Louie Michael. This song is about feeling trapped within relationships and society and feeling the need for a change in your everyday life. This song features Natalie Tomlins on backing vocals.

4. My Oh My: (Soul, Pop) This is a song of the NOW. Written and arranged by Isaac Walker, My oh My is about the worldwide technology takeover. The lyrics reflect on the forever growing dependence people have on telephones and social networks and consequently the laziness of modern day society.

5. No Love: (Reggae) This song was written and arranged by Isaac Walker. It is about unsatisfying relationships with partners.

6. Haven’t Found a Lady: (Soul, Motown) This song was written by a combination of backing vocalist Jace Excell (Lyrics and melody), and Isaac Walker (Arrangement). Haven’t Found a Lady is about the optimism of youth and the various methods available to change ones views on a situation, change and growth often sprouts from undesirable experiences.

7. Interlude: This is the introduction to the following track, Judgement Day. It was inspired by New Zealand Reggae band Kora’s track Intro of their self-titled album.

8. Judgment day: (Roots Reggae, Dub) The music was written by Sam Morrison and Isaac Walker. The lyrics were written by Sam Morrison. The song is about living without the constraints of fear or imposed religious values and instead developing your own ideas and values without condemning others for their beliefs.

9. Crime: (Reggae, Hiphop) Written and arranged by Isaac Walker, Crime is about musical freedom and the lack of quality control in a lot of commercial music. Marc Brown plays trombone as a guest on this track.

10. Woke up in Babylon: (Reggae, Dub) The music of this song was composed by Sam Morrison and Isaac Walker. The lyrics were written by Sam Morrison. The lyrics of this song were inspired by children’s narratives. The song tells a story of waking up in a modernized urban world and feeling the need to escape and reconnect with your roots. The line “Babylon was in my brain” suggests that even if you don’t agree with the world around you, you are still a part of it.

11.  Keep on Waiting: (Reggae, Dub, Roots), This song was written when Kooyeh still lived in NSW. It is a combination of one of Isaac’s and one of Sam’s songs. The message of this song is to avoid procrastination and instead aim to be assertive and conscious.

12. Mountain top: This track has been in the Kooyeh repertoire for quite some time and has informally become their ‘anthem’ or singalong track. It was written and arranged by Isaac walker, and has guest appearances by Marc Brown and Natalie Tomlins. The message conveyed in the song is about escaping from the hustle of the city and relaxing in the peace and quiet of the Blue Mountains. Kooyeh have released a film clip for Mountain Top, which is available on YouTube.

13. Rally Round: (Reggae, pop) The music and lyrics were written by Sam Morrison. The song
was inspired by a “Rockamovya” song called “Better Rally”. “Rally Round” is about brotherhood and unity.


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