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“Now we’re a bit older we’ve got more pressing things to think about, like exploring space for nightclubs, arguing with our wives, and trying to find time to play rock and roll and drink cartons of beers. So, we’ve grown up a lot.”


Seaview Tavern Woolgoolga

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Saturday 23rd Nov 2019 - 8:00PM

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They believe in love and aliens and ghosts and beer and funerals and goth moths and they’re back with their most politically sensitive record to date Black Skull Bong. It’s the Goons of Doom and like your favourite relo whose name you can’t remember until they bring your belated birthday present to the family luncheon, these four mad cunts from Sydney’s Northern Beaches (who all moved to Bangalow four years ago to invest in medical marijuana crops) are back to surprise you with songs and poetry in the key of total fucking awesomeness.

It’s been a while between releases for the Goons of Doom and though Black Skull Bong contains the usual piston squirting anthems from days of yore, there’s an undeniable maturing within the song writing as well. “The first Goons records were all about exploring our sexuality, about problems with girlfriends, trying to find some money to spend on beer on a Friday night, and rape flavoured sleeping pills, you know, cutesy teenagey shit,” says Vaughan Dead. “Now we’re a bit older we’ve got more pressing things to think about, like exploring space for nightclubs, arguing with our wives about fuck knows what, and trying to find time to play rock and roll, drink cartons of beers and smoke bongs with our mates. So, we’ve grown up a lot.”

Themes within Black Skull Bong are as complex as they are many and with a deft touch the Goons navigate topics such as depression (Vinnie Van Goth), alcoholism (24 Bottles of beer), drug addiction (Bong Scum), infant death (the funeral), intergalactic cross breeding (I believe in love and aliens), girls with four arms and four tits (Goth Moth) and pure unbridled happiness (Life Sux), just to name a few.

“We’re fearless and unapologetic when it comes to taboo subjects,” explains Killerwhale. “Outrage is too easy in this day and age. Everyone is offended by everything. Big deal. If you wanna start talking about why you’re offended and what you’re gonna do to change shit then great, otherwise shut the fuck up and let me play my guitar super loud in the nude on top of my dead dog’s grave.”

“If the album doesn’t chart then so be it,” added Ozzy Wrong. “I just want Cowboy to quit his job and move to Byron so he doesn’t end up dying alone in his factory when he’s 80 and his neighbours find him five weeks later when the smell of his decomposing body starts reeking out the neighbourhood.”

Cowboy mysteriously could not be reached for comment on the album release.

What else can we tell you about this record? Well, only that your favourite Aussie bands have already heard it and love it.

“Black Skull Bong is something I want shoved deep into my aural cavity, or right up the ol’ ear anus if you will. Five stars.” – Phil from Grinspoon

“Goons of Doom should be inducted into the Slim Dusty Museum Hall of Fame in Kempsey,” – Kasey Chambers

“Black Skull Bong is the greatest record in the history of Australian Music. Do yourself a favour and get it before you fall off a roof and die.” – Molly Meldrum

“It’s got a bit of everything, songs for kids and songs for alcoholic drug addict cunts like me. I couldn’t fault it.” – Jeff the Purple Wiggle

Black Skull Bong is available on itunes December 666th.

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